About Us



Who are we? You may have known us before.

We are Boxiew, A global online Business Information, Shopping, and Affiliate Program platform from India and Bangladesh. We connect Buyers and suppliers around the world.

Welcome to Boxiew. 

Reimagining the future and realizing your needs and dreams, We have made the Boxiew platform to bring the world near you. Now we are one of the most well-known business platforms around the world to come out of India.

What we aim to do is to make the largest supply chain that connects buyers and sellers easily into your everyday lives. Therefore, we have added an affiliate program system. On the other hand, the demand for our business information is increasing worldwide day by day.

Any challenges that we might face are always overcome by our passion to improve the world around us. The next focus for Boxiew in the future lies in building smart cities and providing easy life solutions for billions of families. Boxiew maintains a top-rated & verified supplier and a high level of product quality as we push to improve the world around you.

We believe above all else, quality is the bottom line. Listing verified suppliers with their business information, providing top-rated, long-lasting, dependable products, and creating a good communication & strong affiliate community represents our most basic principle

We have a smart and dedicated quality team. We are favored by more and more global clients and customers every day. At the same time, we always care deeply about the affiliate program system to ensure a good community and provide quality products and services in a short time to the right people.

In many countries around the world, Boxiew ensures delivery of the products or services at the right time. This is Boxiew, We work on business information, shopping, and affiliate program systems with the products and services we create.

The world always changes, but our passion for providing quality products and services will never stop.

Boxiew will always be there for you. Stay with us.

Thank You.